Play Badugi Poker for Fun and Profit


Hello, my name is Jesse Walker, I’m a professional poker player and that I admit it, I’m a badugi enthusiast. I play with badugi for all reasons however, the fact remains the fact that it is a fun and profitable poker match that is not tough to learn to play. So what beats what is in poker? A whole house beats a flush and a flush beats a straight. Right?

Well maybe not at all badugi! Badugi starts from the ground up and reinvents the entire game of pokergame.

In badugi you receive four dominobet cards instead of five.

Badugi is a sort of lowball, meaning that you are attempting to help make the lowest hand possible.

The best form of hand at badugi is, curiously enough, called a”badugi”. It is composed of 4 cards of different suites without the monies.

So you are trying to make a rainbow hands: just one heart, one club, 1 spade and one diamond with no cards paired.

Straights don’t count against you.

You get three draws to really make the very best hands possible.

That means you may note that if you are used to Texas hold’em, or 7 card stud, then you can not only hop on over to the badugi tables and hold your personal. I understand this, and you also know this, but, (and this is the exciting part) your opponents have no idea that!

They simply hop in the game since they heard of it earlier and so they have been interested. I played a badugi championship a while ago at which a player did not understand you are allowed to draw! I played with a cash game in which a person thought he was playing pot limit omaha and mightn’t understand why there weren’t any community cards dealtwith! Suffice it to say that the poker world hasn’t yet figured the game out. This really is a superb opportunity for you and I to jump inside and show people just how to play (for a cost!) Because the economists say;’there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’.

Where to play? Well there is little in the manner of play. A few card rooms at Vegas offer badugi as part of high stakes mixed games. But unless you’re a millionaire seeking to contribute into the poker elite that probably won’t interest you. Badugi was a portion of this World Series of Poker at 2011. Therefore, in the event that you have WSOP aspirations you’ll play it there someday.

Far and away the quickest and simplest location to play badugi is on the web (and yes there are options for US players).

A third alternative is to make your personal home game. Learn the rules of badugi and invite your 5 or 4 best friends over for beers and a favorable match. My first badugi party was big hit. Newer players enjoyed it simply because they did not feel as these were at disadvantage to the experience holdstud and Celtics players.

Whatever route you choose I really expect you get chance to play with the match.

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